Wellspring CALM Pure Digestive Herbal Tea | Tea for Babies Digestion | 20 Tea Bags (Product of Egypt)

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Form Flake
Flavour Chamomile
Tea Variety Chai
Diet Type Vegetarian
Number of Items 1
Package Information Box
Specialty Organic
Units 50 count


Health Benefits of Digestive Herbal Tea

  • Healthy Digestion Tea

It helps a lot in the digestion process of babies so that they don’t face any discomfort. Besides this, it will also be free from gas so that the baby can relax.

  • Digestive relief

Digestive herbal tea can provide digestive relief for numerous symptoms. Moreover, it becomes a peaceful way to prevent stomach upset. It becomes essential to resolve the problem of small infants that are concerned with digestion.

  • The perfect blend of herbs

Another significant benefit of this tea is the perfect blend of herbs that helps in the digestion process of small infants. The presence of ingredients like chamomile seems to be helpful when the bay suffers from mild digestive disorders. Due to this reason, the baby will feel discomfort and restlessness. But thanks to this herbal tea, that will release gases collected in the body so that your baby can relax.

 Ingredients – Organic Caraway, Organic sweet fennel , organic anise and organic chamomile.

How to Use?

How to use tea















*Look for professional advice before using it if you are under medical supervision.

*Keep in a dry place, out of sight and reach of children.


Q.1- Is it safe to give chamomile tea to babies?

Ans. Yes, you can give chamomile tea to your baby as it is completely safe.

Q.2- Can you give baby herbal teas to soothe an upset tummy?

Ans. Yes, you can give herbal tea to your baby as they contain herbs such as chamomile that will ease digestion.

Q.3- Are there any side effects of the tea?

Ans. It has no side effects as 100% natural and herbal plants are used in manufacturing this product.

Additional information

Weight 0.04 kg
Dimensions 15 × 6.5 × 7.5 cm

8 reviews for Wellspring CALM Pure Digestive Herbal Tea | Tea for Babies Digestion | 20 Tea Bags (Product of Egypt)

  1. asha

    Very good tea, My baby sleep properly for this tea.

  2. nisha bansal

    nice product

  3. ronny

    The product is very good I completely loved the product as it gives a pleasant Aroma to my morning tea

  4. Ram

    First purchase from this brand and it’s worth it.

  5. Aftab Hussain

    Fast delivery! I will buy again soon! this item is really effective! ive been using it for many years already.

  6. akshara

    very good tea.

  7. sheela sharma

    I really loved the product very much….

  8. Ankit patel

    no words, only excellent.

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