Royal Regime Slimming Tea – Weight Reducing – Diet Tea (Pack of 25 Tea Bags) – Natural Flavour

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  • Weight Loss & Reducing Herbal Tea -100% Natural l Herbal Plants – No Side Effects
  • Blend of Cichory herb, Senna leaves and Fennel fruits – Natural 100%, No Additives
  • It has 25 tea bags
  • Composition: – Cassia Angustifolia Leaves 30%. – Cichrorium Intybus Herb 20%. – Foeniculum Vulgare Fruit 50%
  • Nice frogrance


Health Benefits of Slimming Tea

  • Boost Metabolism

The antioxidants that are present in slimming tea help a lot to boost metabolism. Further, it gives you more energy so that your body remains active.

  • Aids Weight Loss

Another benefit of this tea is that it helps tremendously in reducing weight. Most importantly, the tea is made of organic herbs, so you must try it to resolve your problem.

  • Fights against Various Illnesses

When you consume slimming tea is that it will fight against various illnesses as it enhances the immunity system. Therefore, it has become a significant advantage as it keeps your body healthy.


Cichorium intybus herb, Cassia angustifolia leaves, Foeniculum vulgare fruits.

How to Use?

Cup with Tea Bag


Step 1: Put one herbal fitness tea bag in a cup.


Cup with Boiled Water


Step 2: Pour one and a half cups of boiled water.


cup and Timer


Step 3: Keep herbal fitness tea bag in cup for 3-6 mins.


Cup and Herbal tea bag


Step 4: Add sugar if required.



  • *Look for professional advice before using it if you are under medical supervision.
  • *Keep in a dry place, out of sight and reach of children.

Reasons Why Weight Increases

  • Unhealthy foods

Unhealthy foods have high sodium and artificial food color, but they can impact your health adversely. However, many individuals love to eat junk food as it is so delicious, but the truth is that it places your health in danger of being overweight. When you eat junk food daily, then it can become a reason for weight gain.

  • Inactive Lifestyle

The advancement of technology has made us all lazy as we all are busy using modern gadgets. Nowadays, kids don’t want to go outside and play as they prefer to use their phones. Thus, it becomes necessary to do some physical exercise daily in order to be healthy and fit.

  • Consuming Excess Alcohol

When you consume excess alcohol, it becomes a reason for weight gain, and it gets broken into sugar molecules in the body. When there is no physical activity, then this sugar is transformed into fat that gets accumulated in different parts of the body.



Q.1 – Is Royal Regime slimming tea good for health?

Ans – Yes, this tea is good for your health as it is very organic, which is good for your health.

Q.2 – Are there any side effects of the tea?

Ans – It has no side effects as 100% natural and herbal plants are used in the manufacturing of this product.

Q.3 – How much Royal Regime tea should you drink a day to lose weight?

Ans – It’s one cup a day for a week, then 2 a day after that. Besides this, when you do exercise and maintain a good diet, then it can help you more.

Q.4 – Can it also burn belly fat?

Ans – Yes, this tea can burn belly fat and boost your metabolism.

Additional information

Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 11.5 × 7.5 × 7.5 cm

46 reviews for Royal Regime Slimming Tea – Weight Reducing – Diet Tea (Pack of 25 Tea Bags) – Natural Flavour

  1. Karishma

    I am tea lover and i love the taste of this tea
    The Royal Regime Tea is fully loaded with ingredients. I have tried it for the first time and must say that’s amazing. I would like to say to tea lovers would try it.

  2. shreya aggarwal

    This is a great quality tea because it includes various herbs which energizes the human body and improvise humanity.

  3. Nisha Sharma

    It is very tasty, Natural and herbs in it is very good and it smells very nice worth of money must buy

  4. Bhavna

    the taste is very good and the quality is also good, natural herbs
    Thank You

  5. yatika goyal

    Very good taste and ingredients is also very good the tea is so lite weight my body fat has also reduce because of this Tea.
    Thank you Royal Regime

  6. Soheb Khan

    Mene us kra hai bhohot acha hai bhohot fayde mand hai

  7. Shweta

    For the first time I tasted a green tea which tastes good and smells so good. The smell and taste is very Good. One cup in the morning really makes my day.

  8. Altaf Hussain

    Adds refreshing flavour & aroma to my cup of tea.

  9. Kamna

    has a good aroma and very good product.

  10. Jahnvi Chandwaney

    I enjoyed the Slimming tea by just boiling in water but it also tastes amazing if you add in your regular tea.
    Gives a nice aroma to your tea.

  11. Lakshita

    Loved the product….. And most importantly the smell and the the texture is preety good….. And it’s good for health.

  12. Sheela

    This green tea is very best for your health.

  13. gopal

    I really like this particular one from their entire tea range. Both its flavor and scent are very refreshing.

  14. jyoti khandelwal

    very good product, and the result is very good

  15. urfi

    It so refreshing and not bitter even, good in taste and value for money.
    It is having a very good flavour and feels very freshening when have it.

  16. ruchika

    very good product

  17. ankita khandelwal

    I have been using this tea for more than 2 years now- I take it daily once at night in hot water and it helps a lot with weight loss Even though the taste is not very tasteful, it serves its purpose and very helpful.

  18. sonu

    Works like crazy!! If your plugged up this is the go to, no doubt!!!
    Not sure how safe it is longterm but I’ve been using it for a couple years now sometimes about as long as a month at a time everyday.

  19. gurman singh

    My local market had this tea but they stopped selling it . found it on and i was so excited ! gets the job done and cleans you inside and out . recommend this tea all the way

  20. rasmika

    great product & the result is very good because my 5kg weight loss in just 1.5 month

  21. javed ali


  22. Ashi kaur

    i love this tea because it’s to lite & my body weight loss eaisly.

  23. shreya oberoi

    Taste is very good. herbs and natural taste are also good. I like it must buy.

  24. Aradhana gupta

    Very good

  25. pooja singh

    Gives a nice flavour in your green tea …
    Healthy and easy to use

  26. Chahat

    I completely loved the product Because this tea reduce my 5 kg weight in just 1 month.

  27. sakshi malik

    I enjoyed the tea by just boiling in water but it also tastes amazing if you add in your regular tea. Gives a nice aroma to your tea & the result is very good.

  28. mansi

    good product

  29. Rotash

    wonderful product

  30. prem devi

    Quality is very good. I add it to my green tea and I reduce my weight just in 25 days

  31. Tanya Kakkar

    always recommend to all. it helps alot.

  32. Preeti T

    Excellent product! Refreshing and interestingly it helps in digestion immediately.

  33. Revanth Singh

    Best green tea sachets you could ever ask for. Tastes natural and feels relaxing to Slowly sip on a cup of this green tea.

  34. soniya


  35. Jayantakumar Pahari

    I like this product because it refreshes me & reduce my 7kg weight.
    Thank U Royal Regime

  36. Monika Sharma

    excellent taste . great product

  37. Amrit Lal


  38. Kristina

    really really organic

  39. Rupali

    happy with green tea

  40. Pinky

    Best green tea sachets you could ever ask for. Tastes natural and feels relaxing to Slowly sip on a cup of this green tea.

  41. Manoj

    I lost 8 kg Weight because of this Royal Regime slimming tea. This tea is very effective. I was used this tea for 3 months. If you walk everyday and have this tea with the exercise you’ll see the more effective result. I will buy this tea for my brother.

  42. lavisha

    Excellent tea

  43. Yashika koranga

    This product help me allot is my weight loss journey. I Reduce 15 kg weight in 4 month.

  44. Sumit tandon

    Slimming Tea with Diet Chart – Helps in Weight Loss for both Men & Women

  45. hemaang


  46. Tushar Katra

    no words, only excellent.

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