Royabetes Diabetic Tea – Blood sugar control tea – Herbal Tea for Blood Sugar Control Pack of 25 Tea Bag ( Product of Egypt)


Brand Royal Regime
Form Bag
Flavour Herbs
Tea Variety Green
Weight 50 Grams
Diet Type Vegetarian
Package Information Bag
Caffeine Content Caffeine Free Grams
Units 25.00 count


Health Benefits of Royabetes Diabetic Tea

  • Anti-Diabetic Tea
    It helps significantly in balancing and controlling the body’s blood sugar level. Most importantly, it is a 100% caffeine-free blend.
  • Safe Drinking Tea
    Another benefit of this Royabetes diabetic tea is that it works side by side with the medicines that you are taking in your medication to control sugar.
  • Strengthens Immunity
    Even though it also strengthens the immunity of your body which is very important.


Green tea, Chicory, Majoram, and Cinnamon

How to Use?
How to use tea















Note- *Look for professional advice before using it if you are under medical supervision.
*Keep in a dry place, out of sight and reach of children.

Symptoms of high blood sugar

When it comes to high blood sugar, symptoms usually come on gradually. Moreover, it begins when your blood sugar levels get exceptionally high.

Need for frequent urination
Extreme hunger
Increased thirst or a dry mouth
The blurring of the vision
Unintentional weight loss
Feeling very thirsty

Symptoms of low blood sugar

A low blood sugar level can impact everyone differently. There can be a possibility that some of the symptoms may change over time.

Fast heartbeat
Becoming easily irritated, tearful, anxious, or moody
Tingling lips



Q.1 – Which is the best time to drink Royabetes Diabetic Tea?
Ans. The best time to drink Royabetes Diabetic Tea is in the morning.

Q.2 – Is organic tea good for diabetics?
Ans. Yes, organic tea is good for diabetes as it shows all antidiabetic properties.

Q.3 – Are there any side effects of the tea?
Ans. It has no side effects as 100% natural and herbal plants are used in the manufacturing of this product.


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